TDIM - Indian Band, High Frequency was formed - 25th Dec
Posted On 25th December, 2013 @ 12:29 pm by TDIM

Indian Band, High Frequency was formed

High Frequency is an Extreme Metal band from Varanasi (UP), formed on 25th December 2008. After their formation they only played locally but their big moment came which drove them in ITBHU 2010 Crosswindz Fest.

High Frequency is an Extreme Metal four piece band based in Varanasi. Initially spurring inspiration from Metallica, Lamb of God, and Behemoth, their genealogy dates not long back as in December, 2008.

The band is currently an appendage of four boon companions:
Lakshya - the lead guitarist & vocalist
Neelabh - guitarist & vocalist
Dhruv - bass guitarist
Vishesh, the drummer.

Vishesh is also the lyricist, compiling songs for their gigs; Immortal Crucification, Crusades, Jewish Blood 1943, Rotten, Euthanasia, to name a few.

Lakshya & Vishesh, brothers by blood, gained the instinct for music from their family as for their father is a musician as well. Neelabh, as a student of their father, joined the two in their spree. Eventually, Dhruv came along. According to them, it all kicked off as the four good-for-nothing people, having the same bent ended up together!

Although they performed round the state back in their school days, the band gave its first official stage appearance in 2009 at IIT-BHU.

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