TDIM - Indian Band Redolent Was Formed - 8th July
Posted On 8th July, 2014 @ 16:35 pm by TDIM

#ThisDayInMusic Gospel rock band Redolent from Manipur is celebrating its anniversary!

So join us in showing them some love as they mark their eleventh anniversary #ThisDayInMusic. The gospel rock band consists of Jian & Jonah on the guitars, Stephen on the bass, Samuel on the drums, Shangthon on the keyboards with singer Chingkhiuliang completing the lineup.


Hailing from Manipur, the band has to its credit multiple album releases, out of which two songs 'As You Walk Away' and 'Free' hold the distinction of being included in the Great Eastern Rock - Volume II and Volume IV, both of which were produced by The North East Today. Other compositions by the band include 'Free' and 'Coming Home,' which found a place in Rock Music Manipur Volume I.


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