TDIM - Indian Band Vendetta were formed - 23rd Feb
Posted On 23rd February, 2014 @ 15:30 pm by TDIM

Indian Band Vendetta were formed

Vendetta is an Industrial/Groove Metal band hailing from New Delhi.


Formed at the outset of February 2011, The six-piece band derives influences from various different genres such as industrial, psychedelic, ambient, experimental, metalcore etc. Our music is an intelligent and ground-breaking mixture of all these elements. Primarily the band follows industrial metal giants like Rammstein, Deathstars, NIN and our music is highly inspired by them.


The band has a keen interest towards the OC's and has complied enough material to make it into a couple of songs up till now. As a group of people coming from different musical backgrounds, the band always wanted to show its musical depth by making songs ranging from slow melodic ballads to groovy riff-oriented destructive metal anthems.


The band has a sweet tooth towards breakdowns which started out as simple but has been evolving due to an ever-increasing level of complexity in our songs as the band progresses. Our music highly depends upon keyboards providing a dark, psychedelic and ambient element to our songs. The guitars are rhythmic and groovy at times with breakdowns being the meat of the songs. Occasional solos and fills have been given a keen importance. Drumming is typically double bass centered being groovy at the same time with the bass providing the same as well.


Vendetta decided upon keeping vocals high-pitch,an amalgamation of aggressive growls and soft tones. The band does not believe in compromising with the feel of the song.


Their music is dark, hypnotic and brings an interesting orchestral twist to run-of-the-mill Industrial Metal with keyboards at the pinnacle of the band's sound which is followed by groovy bass patterns, patterned drums and heavy riffage. To add to that, high pitched-vocals and occasional growls which are fused with fiils, guitar solos and breakdowns give the band ample space to experiment with their music.


The band has been playing a lot of gigs in and around the Delhi music circuit for a while now which includes performances at well-known pubs like Turquoise Cottage, Vasant Vihar, and Chicane, Noida apart from various other venues, colleges and competitions all over Delhi and other areas.


Their first two singles have been recorded and are available for downloading on reverbnation apart from another couple of songs that have not been recorded yet that include an OC and a few covers.

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