TDIM - Jessica Simpson Was Born - 10th July
Posted On 10th July, 2014 @ 17:24 pm by TDIM

#ThisDayInMusic The world of music witnessed a hot new entrant in the form of the sizzling Jessica Simpson!

So join us in raising our glasses to this American pop singer as she celebrates her 34th birthday #ThisDayInMusic. After shooting to fame with her debut single, I Wanna Love You Forever, Jessica’s lucky streak continued as her debut album Sweet Kisses received 2x platinum certification. The popstar proceeded to deliver one chartbuster after the other and has thus far picked up a hundred nominations out of which she has driven home with seventy. 


As we celebrate the fact that the popstar has turned 34 and manages to look not a day older than 25, here’s a list of five surprising facts we bet you didn’t know about the sexy singer:


1. Jessica’s first tryst with success onstage was when she aced a talent contest held at her school at the wee age of ten, which her parents should have taken as the first sign that she was destined for great things.


2. The singer apparently has a heart of gold; her co-stars have gone on record to say, "Jessica never lets you treat for dinner. I'd have to go in, put a credit card down, and tell the waitress, 'If you let the bill go her way, I will choke you.'


3. World famous popstar or not, she apparently has her weak moments as well, as vouched for by her director, "Her tears in 'I Belong to Me' were real, not makeup."


4. There really is no separating from her from her sky-high heels. Jessica apparently walked into the operating room in six-inch platform heels during her best friend’s delivery.


5. Her talents however don’t extend beyond singing;  Jessica was apparently hilarious when she tried her hand at the saxophone, as testified by her younger sister Ashlee Simpson.

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