TDIM - Jimi Hendrix Enlisted For The US Army - 31st May
Posted On 31st May, 2014 @ 17:54 pm by TDIM

Jimi Hendrix Enlisted For The US Army

What was a rock-and-roll artist doing in the US army? Join us in finding out as we pay homage to the fact that the late Jimi Hendrix enlisted for the US army ##ThisDayInMusic!


We’d have thought that the US army would be the last place to find a diehard rocker, but legendary rocker Jimi Hendrix was, nothing if not full of surprises. #ThisDayInMusic the world watched in surprise as Jimi Hendrix enlisted for the US army. Not entirely by his choice, though. 


After getting into trouble with the law over a matter of stolen cars, Jimi was directed to either enlist for the army or proceed to two years of imprisonment. After choosing the latter, Jimi officially enlisted on the 31st of May and was discharged within a year itself, before the completion of his three year term. 


Amongst his other offences, Jimi is said to have slept on duty and regularly failed to show up during midnight bed checks. But it was his a penchant for strumming his guitar while the other officers tried to cram in some sleep and his complete inability to focus on his duties that had the Captain roaring for his dismissal within a year. 

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