This Day In Music - Birthday wishes to Ozzy Osbourne
Posted On 3rd December, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Sanat Mehra

We at MTV wish Ozzy Osbourne a very happy birthday.


With a career that has rolled on for more than 40 years, Ozzy Osbourne has distinguished himself as the Godfather of Metal music. We are already filled till the brim with stories of his eccentricities, on the road; yes, setting the hotel rooms on fire, crapping on the floor and then painting the walls with it and setting ablaze Bill Ward’s beard; but, leaving that aside, let us concentrate on the music. 


There was a time that the Americans painted their faces black, so that they could imitate the black musicians in front of a crowd that preferred to keep their distance from the coloured folks. Soon after that blues music did make an impact, so much so that we had white people trying their hand at it. Thanks to the cultural exchange of the art, blues was broken down into different genres. Metal has obviously drawn inspiration from it. 


However, the idea of Black Sabbath is now historic data in itself. The band went around performing covers in England during the late 60’s when, they saw a poster of the film “Black Sabbath” from the window of their rehearsal room that rang a bell. Butler recalls, “Strange that people spend so much money to see scary movies.” Good people; on that day metal was born, but today Ozzy Osbourne was. So, happy birthday Mr. Osbourne. 

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