This Day in Music - Mozart left a void in classical music
Posted On 5th December, 2012 @ 19:34 pm by mtv editor

Covering the compositions of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is the traditional way of introducing the genre to students of western classical music, because he was an influential and prolific composer of the Classical Era.

His compositions have always been treated as the basis of western classical music, allowing for the generous evolution of music that was to follow from the day he left off.
The greatness of Mozart, for many, lies undeniably in his work but also for the fact that he was a true child prodigy. He performed in front of European royalty at the age of five and at seventeen he became the court musician of Salzburg the fourth largest city in Austria. Indeed, a tiresome research conducted by some enthusiasts has brought out detailed revelations of the child prodigy.

In a newspaper article found by them, one gets an idea of how the people of Salzburg beheld the master.  It was alleged that, little Mozart could improvise for hours together at the mere age of six. Here is what one of the recovered letters read: “…Do but picture to yourself the stir these sonatas will pose in the world when, it is set forth on the title page that they are the work of a child of seven years.”

This day in music Mozart passed away, but undoubtedly you can hear every single note he left behind by those who cradle his genius even today.

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