Have you made it through to the Finals?
Here's your chance to find out. Check if you made it to finals in the Finalist list.
Robin Khaira, Chandigarh
Bhumika Chhabria, Mumbai
Nisha Kotian, Mumbai
Tejal Kataria, Mumbai
Namraah Merchant, Mumbai
Dr. Shivani Giridhar, Jaipur
Srija Singh, Kolkata
Pramjeet Singh, Delhi
Harsh Falswal, Delhi
Mamta Dhillon, Delhi
Devrath Vijay, Bangalore
Sanjay Negi, Bangalore

Non Trainers:
Shwetha Mehta, Bangalore
Ria Sen, Bangalore
Vandana Kumari, Kolkata
Supa Parvin, Kolkata
Nitin Yadav, Delhi
Gautam Dagar, Delhi
Sunibala Devi, Delhi
Tegvir Singh, Chandigarh
Vivek Sambra, Chandigarh
Karan Chawda, Mumbai

The participants were put through grueling fitness tasks only those who succeeded made it to the Semi-Finals. Fit Test is over and results will be announced soon. Check this space for more updates!

The strength and endurance of the semi-finalists are tested through a series of tasks. Win this round and proceed to compete in the Grand Finale.
The physical and mental strength of the finalists are put to the test. Only one boy and one girl will emerge, as the Ultimate Fitness Fans.
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