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Chandigarh Auditions - Episode #1 - Tamil - Roadies X2

As the new season begins, the four gang leaders are on a hunt to find the best candidates for their gangs. Watch them find a few interesting

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan - Episode 135

A dejected Nandini realizes that her personal life is clouding her focus in life while Manik tries in vain to cheer her up

Anupreet talks about her mistakes - Webisode #13 - Roadies X2

Anupreet talks about her desire to pursue Fashion after college and also shares the mistakes she made in the past.

Delhi Auditions - Sneak Peek - Roadies X2

Watch this exclusive Sneak Peek of the Roadies X2 Delhi Auditions.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan - Episode 134

Nandini pleads Manik to lay all issues aside and focus on his music so as to avoid jeopardizing his music career

Deepti showcases her dancing skills - Webisode #12 - Roadies X2

Deepti showcases her dancing skills and how her ambition to always move forward got her to the Roadies auditions.

Chandigarh Auditions - Episode #1 - Fast Forward - Roadies X2

Catch all the action at Roadies X2 Chandigarh Auditions, on Hero 'Fast Forward' only in 7 minutes!

Monica showcases her dance moves - Webisode #11 - Roadies X2

Monica is an MC and she showcases her dance moves to impress the judges of MTV Hero Roadies X2.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan - Episode 133

A determined Manik strives to retrieve Nandini's earrings for her and inadvertently ends up getting up close & personal with her

#RexSafe - Forex Play - Durex MTV Rex Talk

On Day 4 of Durex MTV Rex Talk, the teams are challenged with writing and performing a 4-minute street play about safe sex. Find out how they

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