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Ashni tries a one-hand pushup - Webisode #29 - Roadies X2

Ashni tries to perform a one-hand pushup during her Roadies X2 Auditions.

Warrior High - Episode - 8

Niti opens up about her insecurities to Vibha who gives her sound counsel

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan - Episode 154

Manik repents over his hostile behaviour towards Nandini and tries to make amends in his own way.

Warrior High - Episode - 7

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Sidharth and Siyali miss the train even as Parth comes to Niti and Utkarsh's rescue on board the train.

Lakshya talks about his musical aspirations - Webisode #28 - Roadies X2

Lakshya talks about his aspiration to become a musician but eventually chose to pursue engineering. He wants to be on Roadies to personally change

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan - Episode 153

Circumstances conspire to draw Manik & Nandini closer even as Alya calls Dhruv out on his recent behaviour

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan - Episode 152

A chance meeting at Navya & Cabir's place rekindles the old spark between Manik & Nandini.

Wacky Wednesday Challenge No.14 - Wacky ways of answering your roll call

Roll no 14?..... “SIR JAI MATA DIIIIII” GOT A WACKIER WAY OF TAKING YOUR ROLL CALL IN CLASS? Send us entries(comment here/post picture/video)

Warrior High - Episode - 6

A new journey beckons the Warriors as they all board the train with some surprising consequences.

Aunik talks about his 2 girlfriends - Webisode #27 - Roadies X2

Aunik talks about dating 2 girls at the same time and how they found out the truth.

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