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18 years, 300+ winners, Countless Legendary Moments.
Remember Madonna’s conical bra? Or Kurt Cobain’s break-through act (literally!) where he trashed his equipment on stage? Or Eminem’s Slim Shady performance with a 100 ‘clones’? Or the famous Madonna Britney kiss? Or Kanye West upstaging Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech? Or Gaga’s unforgettable alter ego Jo Calderone? Or Beyonce revealing her baby bump mid-performance, leading to Twitter record of 8868 tweets PER SECOND?!

Believe it or not, all this madness comes from one source. MTV VMAs.
The MTV VMAs was launched in USA in 1984. The annual MTV VMAs ceremony has often been called the ‘Oscars for youth’, an acknowledgment of VMA’s ability to draw millions of youth each year. In fact, the VMAs in 2012 managed to upstage the final Presidential debate and saw 13.6Mn+ people tuning into the show on-air and close to a whopping 20Mn interacting with the show online!

In 2013, MTV India brings the VMAs home.
Presenting MTV VMAI (MTV Video and Music Awards, India); the perfect mix of music, young & cool. By the makers of Coke Studio @ MTV, MTV Unplugged, MTV Sound Trippin & MTV Roots. We Indians sure know our music and for us, no two music days are alike. In keeping with the MTV lineage, the Indian edition will focus on video and music, focusing on the music you identify with.

What can you expect at the VERY FIRST MTV VMAI?!
The perfect mix of Music, Young & Cool. Irreverence. Cheekiness. Iconic moments. Musical highs. Inconsistency while being firmly Individualistic. There really IS NO OTHER!

In keeping with everything we do at MTV, MTV VMAI will also be the voice of the youth with the winners being determined through public voting. Here are 10 categories across Bollywood & Indi music. Vote now and let us know who YOU think deserves to win their very first MTV VMAI!

It’s not everyday history gets made. Make sure you book your spot.

Please read the Terms & Conditions in detail before you submit your votes.
Last date for voting: 18th Mar, 2013.