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VMAI Insider
VMAI Insider - Trophy
The 1st ever MTV VMAI's are almost here! And there's only one thing on everyone's mind - the VMAI Award! And we thought we'd give you a little sneak peek at it!
VMAi Insider - Jose at the Venue
On this episode of Insider, Jose takes you behind the scenes at the exclusive build of the VMAI set – lots of exciting things planned – but we don’t think Jose understands most of them! But this is a SET you NEED to check out.
VMAi Insider with - Indus Creed
Jose is the VMAi Insider - but on this episode he gets treated quite like the outsider with Uday and Jai from Indus Creed.
VMAi Insider with - Jasleen Royal
Jose spends an awesomely fun day busking around Mumbai with a MTV favorite – Jasleen Royal. If you thought she was just good at playing the guitar and harmonica together, watch this to find out lots more!
VMAi Insider with Sonu Kakkar
This episode finds Jose invading her studio space and having her do the first ever sufi version of 'Ba Ba Black Sheep'!