Siddharth King of the Ring
A champion at breaking records within the ring and a master at breaking hearts outside it, Siddharth is the prodigal son and the heir to the Warrior High legacy. He plans to have his cake and yes, he plans to eat it too.
Parth The Underdog
Discipline is his only God, his dreams can kill and the only thing sharper than his tongue is his uppercut in the boxing ring. Cross his path and you won’t live to tell the tale.
Siyali The Dancer In the Dark
Delicate as a dream when dancing and tough as nails otherwise, she’s been taught to believe that discipline is the way of the God and dreams are for fools. You may not be able to choose your family but if you’re lucky, you can choose your friends and if you’re really lucky, they’ll become your family.
Niti The Pint Sized Dynamite
Short by stature, but never one to sell herself short - If you’re looking for someone who’ll be there for you and never let you down, Niti is your person. God only lets things grow until they are perfect. Some don’t take as long as others.
Utkarsh The Perennial Dreamer
For him, laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever. Dreams aren’t what you leave behind when morning comes; they are what bring every moment come alive.